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Nick Amoriello

Nick Amoriello - Regional Comfort

Regional Comfort

Amoriello, a Culinary Institute of America grad who has worked at Nobu, Driftwood, Central 214, and most currently as Executive Sous Chef at Rapscallion, will bring Regional Comfort cuisine to Kitchen LTO.Follow On FacebookVisit Website

My philosophy: Treat everything with the respect and passion it deserves, never base your first impression on anything; ingredient, or person. Basically, act right.

The Dish

Hometown - Coatesville, PA

Training - - The Culinary Institute of America, AOS Culinary Arts


Q: Rate your cooking skills from a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) and why?

A:  7. I understand there are always new skills, and abilities to learn in the kitchen, from cooking, management, business, and the overall industry in general. I am confident in my skill set, that being said I am also humble enough to know there is much to learn, everyday.

Q: Tell us about the moment you fell in love with food:

A:  Cooking with my Grandmother at a very young age. The bonds that were built in her home kitchen forever changed, and molded me to the person I am today.

Q:  How would you describe your food philosophy or point of view?

A: Treat everything with the respect and passion it deserves, never base your first impression on anything;  ingredient, or person. Basically, act right.

Q: If you were chosen to run our restaurant for six (6) months, how would you describe your menu concept (ie: modern American, Asian fusion, etc)?

A: Modern Texan, with classical French technique, and contemporary plating, in a very approachable and comforting style.

Q: What is the hardest cooking situation you have ever been in? Have you ever had a disaster in the kitchen? How did you recover?

A:  When I was first starting out, I worked in a very difficult, high standard of excellence French restaurant, every day was a struggle, many times, I thought about giving up. Every time these thoughts entered my mind, I had the reassurance that if I fought through it, I would be given a gift and skill that would set me up with a full filling, honest career I would be proud of.

Q: What are your strengths in the kitchen?

A: Being creative, experimenting, mentoring, and overall solid operator given the proper situation, which is up to me as the head of the kitchen.

Q: Do you have a favorite chef? If so, list whom and why:

A:  My mentor Georges Perrier, owner and Executive Chef of Le Bec Fin. Simply put I owe it all to him.